A Look Back at Khloe & French's Major Milestones

It may not have even lasted a year, but Khloe Kardashian and French Montana's relationship has been one hell of a ride. Remember when nobody knew who French Montana was, and then we found out that he was dating my favorite Kardashian so he suddenly became relevant? Or was that just me? In either case, he certainly seems to have made our girl happy at a time in her life when she needed it most, so no matter what happens, at least there's that. But since their relationship got off to such a sketchy start, what's the full story of Khloe and French Montana anyway?

And by "sketchy start," I mean the fact that Khloe wasn't into telling anyone in her family who she was dating, until they found out from the tabloids. Remember that episode in the last season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians where Khloe kept everyone in the dark until her sisters were pretty much forced to stalk her outside of a club to find out what the deal was? At that point, I was convinced that their relationship didn't have any staying power, but eventually, Khloe came clean with her fam and everything turned out okay. In fact, she and French lasted for a pretty long time.

So how did their love story come to be? Let's talk milestones.

Spring 2014: French & Khloe Are Introduced by Diddy

And when French told Extra about their first meeting, he was ever so eloquent.

Puff was the one that introduced us. It was a studio session. That's where we met. I was like, "Yo, let me get her number," and Puff gave it to me.

Ahh, yes. True love. "Yo, let me get her number" is my favorite pick up line of all time.

May 2014: French Meets the Parents

... As evidenced by this selfie of him with Kris Jenner. Obviously, getting Khloe's number worked, and they started seeing each other seriously enough that Khloe let Kris meet French — a step that no one should take lightly, because I fully believe Kris has the capacity to scare people away from her family forever.

June 2014: Their Relationship Is Confirmed

Once again, French's verbosity comes in handy. During an encounter with paparazzi while picking Khloe up at the airport, he said, "You got good pics because we goin' out in a relationship." Can we make that an official status on Facebook?

June 2, 2014: The First French sighting on Khloe's Instagram

This means it's super serious. Even more serious than meeting the parents.

June 9, 2014: Khloe & French Hit South Africa

Khloe gets the opportunity to accompany French to the MAMA awards in South Africa and it looks like they had a blast. I would too, if I was on safari.

June 27, 2014: French Throws Khloe a Birthday Party

French threw Khloe a yacht party and as it turns out, the man knows how to pick out a cake. How gorgeous is this thing?!

September 2014: Khloe & French Break Up

At this point, they seemed pretty inseparable, so this came as kind of a shock. Although the actual reason has never been disclosed, Hollywood Life says that it was reportedly caused by the fact that French is a partier and Khloe is trying to be healthy, so their lifestyles just didn't mix. Understandable, but certainly there had to be a bigger reason behind their split than that, right?

November 2014: Khloe & French Get Back Together

After being apart for a month, they were clearly back on at French's 30th birthday party.

December 2014: Khloe & French Break Up Again

Wait, nope. They're broken up again. Or are they? I'm still so confused.