This 'Girls' Deleted Scene Proves We Are All Shosh

If there's one thing we can always count on with Girls, it's Shoshanna being the most relatable character. Throughout ridiculous scenarios and bouts of drama, she's delivering the perfect one-liner, best facial expression, or hilariously accurate description of the situation. In the case of this exclusive deleted scene from Season 3, she's overly cautious about married serial killers, which is obviously a thing.

Back in Episode 2, she, Hannah, and Adam road-trip to get Jessa from rehab and end up in a hotel. What we didn't see was her post-sexile trip down to the hotel bar in her pajamas, where her midnight coffee is interrupted by a guy getting her attention in an interesting way. "You lose your shoes?" he asks. "I don't really worry about stuff like that," she quips back. After a quick back and forth, she blurts out, "Are you married?" which prompts the best way to validate whether someone is out to murder you: adorable dog photos. Turns out that this guy, Todd, has a Shih Tzu-Bichon Frise mix named Julia, and based on Shosh's personality, you can guess what effect that has on her.

Check out the full exclusive clip from the Season 3 DVD below, and pick up the whole season on Jan. 6 in stores and on HBO.com.

Image: HBO