The National & Bob's Burgers Make Christmas Magic

by Rachel Semigran

Ah Christmas. A time for magic and joy. For frankincense and myrrh. For caroling, snow angels, and cookies shaped like a fat man in a chimney. It's the most wonderful time of the year, right? WRONG. For many of us, the holiday season is more stressful than it is blissful. It can be an especially difficult time of the year for anyone who is dealing with loss or pain. Thankfully, The National and Bob's Burgers totally have your back here. The captains of melancholy have once again put their own musical twist on a Bob's Burgers tune. The members of the National are drawn as sad, sad ornaments dangling on a tree, singing about "all the cold, hungry people." I told you it was gloomy.

The aching song and animation make it all the more relatable, and frankly, hilarious. Bob's Burgers has always been successful in balancing the absurd with the painfully real. The show is especially on-point when it comes to expressing just how much of a strain the holiday season can be on people. Bob once found a Thanksgiving turkey down a toilet, for crying out loud. The National also happen to be the very best band for brooding. The combination of their blues with the heart and humor of Bob's Burgers makes for the perfect comfort blanket for anyone who is just not that into Christmas. Consider it a cheeseburger for the Hum-bugged soul.

Bob's Burgers really understands the true FEELING of Christmas:

The Never-Ending Supply of Cookies are Basically the Best Part

Save the socks and fruitcake and just give me chocolate.

You Never Seem to Get What You Really Want

All of them.

All of Your Problems Feel Magnified

Preach, Gene.

Being Alone and Hiding Under a Blanket Feels Like the Best Solution

Anything other than the mall. ANYTHING.

Your First Thought on Christmas Morning

Is 10 a.m. too early?

Everyone Else Around You Seems so Excited

And you're not exactly sure what the "Christmas Spirit" even is...

But at Least You've got Some Christmas Magic

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