What the 'Entourage' Movie Will Teach New Fans

by Alyse Whitney

Even though I watch a lot of TV and have always considered myself a pop culture junkie, I have a few glaring blind spots when it comes to hit television shows. Instead of embarrassing myself with a whole list, I'll start with Entourage, which I know the basic premise of and its stars, but never actually tuned in for more than half an episode through its eight seasons. So when the Entourage movie trailer was released, I watched it and was a little confused, but got a vague idea of what it is all about. This group lives in Los Angeles and are making a big-budget movie about Vince (Adrian Grenier) — whom I will forever love as Chase from Drive Me Crazy, not Vincent Chase — funded by hotshot angry guy Ari (Jeremy Piven). The other guys are part of Vince's titular entourage, and they get into a lot of trouble together. Sound about right?

There are some other things I learned about both the show and the upcoming film (which hits theaters on June 5), some of which are glaringly obvious to fans while other tidbits will be new information to everyone. So if you're a die-hard Entourage fan, you may just want to click the trailer below. But if you're like me and have never watched but want to understand the hype without watching eight seasons, read on.

  1. Vince isn't a DJ in real life, but he can act like one while blowing stuff up.
  2. He also just really wanted to direct a movie, so he also blew up Ari's movie budget.
  3. Though $100 million means nothing to Ari, apparently $115 is crazytown.
  4. Ari mildly-to-intensely despises Drama (Kevin Dillon), and Drama is the first one to make a misogynistic joke.
  5. Emily Ratajkowski is following up the "Blurred Lines" video and Gone Girl with this movie.
  6. Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) used to be "really fat," and he thinks "girls are crazy out here." Undetermined location of the insane women.
  7. Eric (Kevin Connolly) and Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui) seem to be doing well, though I have no idea if they've had problems in the past or if they're actually even a couple. But they look cozy?
  8. Billy Bob Thornton and Haley Joel Osment are new characters who seem to both have threats for Ari.
  9. Helicopters, high-speed convertibles, and yachts are the norm.
  10. Ari is really angry and enjoys punching pictures of cats and destroying things in general.
  11. He's also in therapy and off his meds.
  12. Drama is particularly scared by the idea of going back to Queens if they all fail.
  13. Turtle is confident about his fighting skills against a woman he's courting, but he fails. I imagine he fails a lot.
  14. Mark Wahlberg is playing himself as Drama's brother, and apparently you don't cross him.
  15. Based on the final moments, it's going to be Billy Bob and Haley Joel (double names, of course) versus Marky Mark when they try to cut Drama out of the movie. I guess I'll have to find out in June!