The 6 Best Honest Trailers of 2014

Making fun of this year's epic misfire Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is like shooting fish in a barrel. (Or, in this case, turtles in a barrel.) The critically panned reboot of the beloved '80s franchise was one of the biggest, but ultimately unsurprising, disappointments of 2014. Chalk it up to the fact that they made the once-awesome heroes in a half shell into terrifying live-action monsters, or that Michael Bay was a producer ... whatever it was, TMNT didn't work. The folks over at Honest Trailers decided to have a field day with the misfire, which starred Megan Fox and Will "You've Made a Huge Mistake" Arnett.

Even if you didn't endure the action comedy (consider yourself lucky) you'll still crack up at the references to the "scary-as-s**t" turtles, "painfully obvious reshoots" after the complaints from Internet fanboys, and "everything you'd expect from Michael Bay... like things going boom."

The Honest Trailer for April O'Neil: The Movie, er Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, also delightfully gets some much-needed perspective from a new generation of TMNT fans who poses the question, "You know this is a kids movie, right? It's not like turtles were better in your day." Sadly, the kid's not entirely wrong. Check it out:

While this installment of Honest Trailers isn't the best (like I said, a movie like this is almost too easy to make fun of), it ranks up there with some of the other hilarious entries in 2014. Here are the best Honest Trailers from this year:

The Fault In Our Stars

Their treatment of the trailer was very funny, but also surprisingly kind to the YA adaptation.


Sorry, Shailene Woodley, they got you again.


Anyone who has endured countless viewings of the animated flick will appreciate what Screen Junkies had to say about the pop culture phenomenon. There's even an Adele Dazeem shout-out.


When a movie is as mercilessly terrible as 1998's Godzilla was, it doesn't matter how much time has passed since it was in theaters: you can, and should, still give it hell for its crimes against cinema.

Green Lantern

That same Godzilla rule applies to you, too, Green Lantern .

Image: Paramount Pictures