Christina Aguilera's Producing A New Show

Like fellow pop star Jennifer Lopez before her, Christina Aguilera is producing a TV show for ABC Family. So, what is it? The series, which is tentatively called Hearts and Clubs, "follows a group of Las Vegas entertainers as they fall in and out of love in the ultimate city of Sin." Xtina is "actively involved in the development of the project." As they say at the poker table, I'm all in.

(When I first read Xtina is the executive producer on a series about Las Vegas entertainers, I immediately assumed the powerhouse vocalist was behind a reality show documenting the behind-the-scenes of her former Mickey Mouse Club costar's Las Vegas residency. I assumed wrong; Aguilera is not producing a reality show about Britney Spears's Piece of Me show. *Sigh* A gal can dream!)

An Xtina-produced scripted series about Las Vegas club performers? Um, is it just me, or are y'all also imagining some sort of safe-for-ABC Family mashup of Burlesque and Showgirls, aka a perfect television program?

Welp, it's official: Not only am I all in on the show, but my expectations are HIGH.

(Does this mean I've moved on from the non-existent Xtina-produced Piece of Me doc series I concocted in my wackadoo brain? No, no it does not. I will try to Secret that thing until it becomes the reality.)

Can't wait for Hearts and Clubs to show me how it burlesques.

Image: prettycheeky/tumblr