Where You Can Watch 'The Interview' This Christmas

We may never know what would have happened to The Interview had it not been put on hold by threats. Now, though, the Seth Rogen and James Franco-starring North Korea assassination comedy will always hold political and cultural importance, which makes the announcement that The Interview will indeed be released Dec. 25 all the more exciting for many Americans previously upset by Sony's decision to pull it. So, what theaters will have The Interview ?

The Interview co-writer and co-star Rogen tweeted his enthusiasm for the news that his movie was finally getting a release Tuesday:

The people have spoken! Freedom has prevailed! Sony didn't give up! The Interview will be shown at theaters willing to play it on Xmas day!

So if you'd like to make Rogen even more pleased, you can go see The Interview yourself at one of the following locations. Sadly it is still a rather limited release, but at least it's something.

Here are some showings, via Mediaite:

Plaza Theatre – Atlanta, GA

Alamo Drafthouse – Richardson, TX

Tower City Cinemas – Cleveland, OH

Alamo Drafthouse – Ashburn, VA

Alamo Drafthouse – San Antonio, TX

Alamo Drafthouse – Katy, TX

Terrace Theater – Charleston, SC

Harkins Theatres – Phoenix, AZ

Chalmette Movies – Chalmette, LA

Grandview Theatre – Columbus, OH

Gateway Film Center – Columbus, OH

Michigan Theater – Ann Arbor, MI

Apple Cinemas – Cambridge, MA

Alamo Drafthouse – Yonkers, NY12am

Here's where you can watch in Los Angeles and near-ish areas, via the LA Times:

  • Vintage Cinemas like Los Feliz 3, which will reportedly post its showtimes by 3:30pm PST Tuesday.
  • Regency Theaters all over California. According to Deadline that includes the following theaters:
Foothill Cinema Stadium 10 – Azusa, CA; Santa Paula 7 – Santa Paula; Agoura Hills Stadium 8, Agoura Hills CA; Sterling 6 – San Bernardino, CA; Granada Hills 9, Granada Hills, CA; East Hills Mall, Bakersfield, CA; Commerce 14, City of Commerce, CA; Van Nuys Plant 16, Van Nuys, CA; Fontana 8, Fontana, CA; Janss Marketplace 9, Thousand Oaks, CA; University Village 10, Riverside, CA; Westminster 10, Westminster, CA
  • Tristone Jurupa 14 Cinemas in Riverside, CA "for both regular screenings (all week) and 21+ friendly screenings with beer and wine available (Friday and Saturday only)."

And some more national showings, via Deadline:

Academy Theater, Portland, OR

Art Theater Co-Op, Champaign, IL

Belcourt Theatre, Nashville TN

Cable Car Cinema, Providence, RI

Caribbean Cinemas, Puerto Rico

Chalmette Movies, Chalmette, LA

City Base Cinema, San Antonio

Dipson Flix 10 Stadium, Lancaster, NY (Dec 26)

Dipson Lakewood Cinema 8, Lakewood, NY (Dec 26)

Eastpoint Movies 10, Baltimore, MD

Edge 12, Birmingham, AL

Fox Theatre, Dallas, OR

Franklin Theatre, Franklin, TN

Harkins Theatres, Phoenix

Hollywood Blvd Cinema, Woodridge, IL

Jasper 8 Theatres, Jasper, IN

Laemmle Theatre, North Hollywood, CA (Dec 31)

Look Cinemas, Dallas

Loft Cinema, Tucson, AZ

Lyric Cinema Cafe, Fort Collins, CO

Merrill’s Roxy, Burlington, VT

Michigan Theater, Ann Arbor, MI

MX Movies, St. Louis

Nickelodeon Theatre, Columbia, SC

Penn Cinemas Riverfront, Wilmington, DE

Plaza Theatre, Atlanta

Prime Cinema, Red Bluff, CA

Riverdale 10, Little Rock, AR

Southside Works Cinema, Pittsburgh

Tygart Valley Cinemas, Fairmont, WV

Happy movie-going.