'Yeezus' Gets a Must-Hear Christmas Makeover

It seems like Ye himself is getting into the holiday spirit. Well, it isn't exactly Kanye West who made his Yeezus album holiday themed, but I'm sure he'd be thrilled to hear that his sixth album is now Santa's dream come true. The comedy group Local Business Comedy has released an entirely new remixed album with songs that take all of Yeezus to the North Pole for a lesson in Ho Ho Ho. But just because the album is Christmas themed, that doesn't mean it's family friendly. The new album is called Kreezus, and is comprised of familiar beats with entirely new lyrics.

For example, Kanye's "New Slaves" is now "New Sleighs," "I'm In It," is now "I'm In It (The Chimney), and "Bound 2", is now "Wrapped 2," with "Ho Ho, Santa," instead of the terrifyingly catchy "Uh huh, baby," (even typing that felt wrong). The entire thing is extremely clever and makes me wish I would have thought of it, but that would mean I'd need to become way too familiar with Kanye's Yeezus.

But what would happen if I converted other songs off other Kanye albums into holiday themed songs? I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's not that I don't think Kanye West is a lyrical genius, it's just I think I might be more of a lyrical genius. Mr. Yeezy, for your consideration:

"The Gifts I Don't Like"

Inspired by: "Don't Like" Cruel Summer

Lyrics: "That's the gifts I don't like."

"No Claus to the Child"

Inspired by: "No Church In the Wild" Watch the Throne

Lyrics: "What's a Claus to a non-believer? Just a child, don't believe a thing"

"Elves in North Pole"

Inspired by: "N****s in Paris" Watch the Throne

Lyrics: "Wrap so hard, Kris Kringle wanna dine me. But first he gotta wine me."

"Rudolph Runs Away"

Inspired by: "Runaway" My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Lyrics: "Let's call a search with all the reindeer. Let's call a search for that bright nose. I'm calling all of the tiny elves. Every one of them that I know."

"Toy Lockdown"

Inspired by: "Love Lockdown" 808s & Heartbreak

Lyrics: "I'm not foolin' you, so don't be a Scrooge. But I found the toy, the way you asked me to. I went to 20 stores, maxed out my credit card. And a little child, even flicked me off."

OK, maybe I wasn't as genius as Kanye. You can hear the real remixes below from Local Business Comedy's Soundcloud.

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