One Direction's TV Special Was Adorable As Usual

Let me make one thing very clear right off the bat: I was never the biggest fan of One Direction in the past. But NBC's One Direction: The TV Special made me realize that these boys weren't annoying, they were endearing. While the special didn't really break much new ground and announce any major news about One Direction other than giving a glimpse into the band's fan event from Universal Studios on November 17th in celebration of their newest album Four , the special did provide fans and other viewers some great scenes of the band interacting, connecting and just being overall goofy. Honestly, it was hard to hate on these boys after Tuesday night.

The show opened with the boys performing one of their gigantic hits and they were great performers as per usual, but what was really fun to watch were their more candid, behind-the-scenes looks into the boys on their tour process, just like their big-screen venture from 2013. Most of the behind-the-scene moments came from the band's tour leg in South America where they hit all of the major cities in the continent like one of Niall Horan's favorite locations, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

One Direction made the best of the stresses and pandemonium of their, and poked fun at each other in the process. One of the best moments of the special came when Liam decided to figure out who among them was the most clever. His process? He asked the band members to ride a roller coaster with him while he asked them random questions about the world and their fellow band members. Zayn stayed out of the contest as he apparently doesn't like roller coasters, but the others were all about the chance to prove they were the smartest of the bunch. Liam asked questions like what is the currency of Italy and name the One Direction mothers in alphabetical order. The winner turned out to be Niall by the way.

The fun moments continued when the boys gave their fans an ultimate 1D experience in Orlando, Florida at the Universal Studios. While the fans had the chance to basically get the key to the theme park and experience all of the rides, the boys decided to sneak up on the unsuspecting Directioners the night before their big concert was to take place. Watching Niall surprise fans at the Universal Studios-made Honeydukes in the Harry Potter section of the theme park was a particularly adorable moment.

But what might have been one of my favorite parts of the special came from the boys talking about and giving a sneak peek into their writing process for their newest album Four, how the boys use extra mattresses in their tour hotel rooms as their sound rooms, and how Zayn was finally excited and ready to officially join the writing process while Niall jokingly strutted around in his underwear during Zayn's recording session. This special as officially made me get on board the One Direction train, and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

Images: Jeff Daly/NBC