How Would The 'Friends' Gang Celebrate Christmas?

Holiday season is all around us, and while we all deal with too much food, too many family members asking you why you're not yet married, (oh, is that just me?) and too much drinking, we can all find escape in our favorite TV shows that have celebrated Christmas for years prior to our own craziness. This year we saw the return of Gilmore Girls into our lives thanks to the holiness that is Netflix, and 2015 will mark the streaming capabilities of Friends , which celebrated its 10-year anniversary in the same fashion. Since it's Christmastime and we've already imagined what a Gilmore Girl Christmas would look like today, doesn't it only seem fair to do the same with some of our other favorite gone but not forgotten shows?

Despite Friends being just weeks away from being available to stream any time, any place and with Veronica Mars also receiving a huge resurgence thanks to its movie funded by Kickstarter backers like yourselves (good job guys!), it only makes sense to give us what we clearly want. More futures for more of our favorites. So with the giving spirit instilled in my soul thanks to the wintery magic of the holidays, I've decided to provide just that. Possible future Christmases for our favorite characters on our favorite past TV shows. Some spoilers ahead, but mostly just silliness and fun. Enjoy!


Let's be honest, even though Monica and Chandler are now living in the suburbs, no one is going to go anywhere else to celebrate the holidays. Now that Monica has been a mother for 10 years, she gotten the hang of being the official candy lady in her neighborhood. And the other mothers don't find her as intense and loud anymore.

Joey has moved back to NYC after a painful stint in Los Angeles (let's all forget he ever went) and is doing surprisingly well acting-wise after landing a role in a new Broadway play by Leonard Hayes. Leonard gives Joey a few days off to go celebrate upstate where Joey is greeted with love and a room above the garage as promised by Chandler.

Phoebe and Mike are in attendance as well as they bring a vegan holiday ham dish that Phoebe found online while Rachel is desperately trying to make her way into the kitchen despite putting cheddar cheese in her chocolate cheesecake in last year's Thanksgiving festivities. And yes, Ross dresses up yet again as the Holiday Armadillo.

The O.C.

Ryan Atwood may not live with Seth and the Cohen's anymore but they still celebrate Chrismukkah every year together in Berkeley. Summer is now a member of the EPA and fights for the environment on a regular basis. Seth is a famous comic book artist who just sold the rights to his newest movie to be helmed by an up and coming director who understands Seth's quirky vision for his subject material.

Ryan surprisingly made his relationship with Taylor Townsend, but makes sure that every year, he still pays a visit to Marissa's grave and to her family. In fact, he's become quite the good friend to Kaitlyn, especially considering her mom and his dad are now married with two kids. Who'd have thought it was possible? Julie Cooper is a happily married woman. For good.

30 Rock

Despite the end of TGS With Tracy Jordan and Liz telling Tracy they're likely to lose touch, the entire gang from the show come together to celebrate Ludachristmas. That's one tradition that shall never end. Jenna brings Paul, the two are still completely head over heels in their weird love. Liz brings Criss and their little twins Terry and Janet who threaten Tracy and Jenna but they still manage to all co-exist in a tense but peaceful treaty.

And where's Jack? He arrives a little late after a mandatory celebration with former Kabletown president Hank Hooper (with whom he is forever bound after getting him a birthday card a few years back), but when he does show up, he's the life of Ludachristmas. And who does he bring as his plus one? His hometown sweetheart Nancy Donavan with whom, let's face it, he should have ended up in the first place.

Gossip Girl

No one is happier than Chuck and Blair which basically makes everyone else sick to their stomachs. The couple is more in love than ever with three kids and Blair firmly at the top of the social ladder of New York City's elite and as one of the most successful fashion designers in the city. Dan and Serena are also together but their marriage takes a little more work as Dan is becoming more and more famous with his writing while Serena stumbled around with careers for a while before ending back as Blair's top model for her runway shows and print ads.

But who is doing the best out of the bunch? Unsurprisingly, it's actually Eric Van Der Woodsen who started his own business after graduating with honors from high school and college. He also has his personal life together as he is now married and is thinking of adopting a child.

The gang gets together at Chuck and Blair's house where Dorota is in charge of the staff that puts together the most luxurious Christmas meal every created. It seems like for once, things are drama free on the Upper East Side.

Veronica Mars

Real talk, the only time Veronica Mars ever aired a Christmas episode, it involved stealing money a poker game. Thankfully, the poker tradition is one that was resurrected by Veronica and Logan. The couple drives down to Mexico to celebrate an early Christmas with Duncan and his daughter Lily, despite Veronica's dad's protests. The couple then drive back to Neptune for a grand celebration at the Mars Investigations office where Weevil, Wallace and Mac are all in attendance. Even Dick stops by for a quick hello and a whole bottle of whiskey. Despite Veronica's ongoing cases, the night is a happy, safe one.

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