Merry Christmas From Beyonce & Her Onesie!

It's pretty much accepted and understood that Beyonce's life is fabulous and flawless. Even when Bey engages in a simple act, like making a snow angel while celebrating hubby Jay Z's birthday earlier this month in Iceland, she always takes care to look amaze. Beyonce wore a winter onesie while making a snow angel, with her long, curly hair sprawled out in the white stuff.

Instead of sidestepping the cold and the snow that marks the season and the month of December by jetting off to some tropical locale or a perma-warm locale, the famous duo kept in the spirit of this time of year and bundled up in a cold region.

Bey just shared the photos from the trip on her IG feed and her super cute, navy blue onesie by OnePiece obviously kept her fashionable and it also likely kept her warm as she played in the snow. Expect onesies to remain a thing in fashion in 2015!

Snow gear and winter weather attire are usually bulky and utilitarian, but Bey proved that it could look snazzy while serving a larger purpose. And yes, the Queen Bey looked as at home in the wet snow as she does in a bikini on a yacht somewhere.

See Bey chillin', literally, in the snow. She could melt that stuff pronto.

Here's Jayonce clinking glasses of bubbly in the snow, too! Notice the mode of transport behind them, too.

Images: Beyonce/Instagram (2)