How Can Jennifer Lawrence Get Any Better?

Yet another reason she is so beloved. On Christmas Eve, Jennifer Lawrence visited the Kosair Children's Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky, on her trip home for the holidays and not only hung out the staff and kids, but took pictures with them that were posted on Twitter. Obviously, none of us are all that surprised by Lawrence's generous and sweet side, she's quickly become one of the likable young stars in Hollywood, a woman that everyone wants to befriend. And while 2013 was the year of critical accolades, including her Oscar win, Jennifer Lawrence continued to be a beacon of awesome in 2014. Lawrence has three movies to be released in 2015 including her next film with David O. Russell, a long-awaited release for Serena co-starring Bradley Cooper and the last Hunger Games film. So there's no chance we'll see less of her in the new year. But can she top herself in awesomeness? I have a few ideas of things she could do in the new year to really solidify her place as the America's newest sweetheart for good, without needing to compete with other great celebrities because doing that is just no fun at all.

The most important thing Lawrence needs to remember about maintaining her likability status is to continue doing what she's doing and to not lose herself in the douchebaggery that some celebrities fall into after a few years in the spotlight. (Ahem Shia LaBeouf anyone?) So here's what we hope to see from J-Law in 2015.

1. More Generous, Sweet Moments

Lawrence visiting her home state's children's hospital is really quite the sweet moment that I can't believe she would do for sheer publicity because at this point, Lawrence doesn't need anymore publicity. And I'm sure she agrees with that statement. There's no question she'll continue to do great things just like this that people will take pictures of and then post to their respective J-Law fan sites.

2. Jennifer Lawrence On Social Media

I know, I know, the actresses has stated that she has no interest in social media, but she should at least take a page from Benedict Cumberbatch's book and let her friends post pictures of her that she wants people to see. For example, Cumberbatch let his close friend Adam Ackland post this video of Cumberbatch doing the "Harlem Shake" with his hand. It's pure perfection. Maybe Lawrence and one of her celeb besties like Josh Hutcherson could make ridiculous and adorable videos like this one that Hutcherson can later post.

3. Another SNL Stint?

If I'm being totally honest, Jennifer Lawrence's first foray on Saturday Night Live was a bit of a letdown. I was hoping for more biting pieces where the actress made fun of herself and much more. But then again her appearance crashing Woody Harrelson's monologue this year was hilarious, so maybe that's a sign of more hilarious things to come for Lawrence and the show?

4. Become Besties With Lorde

If they're not already. It's obvious why they would the greatest BFF pair, but here are some detailed reasons.

5. More General Weirdness

Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I honestly can't believe that next year will be the last year that we're treated to the Hunger Games press tour, and more importantly, the shenanigans from Lawrence and Hutcherson. We'll have to really appreciate the nonsense in 2015 and hope they have some really memorable moments that we can cherish for years. I'm not worried. I know they'll come through.

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