Neil Patrick Harris Got YOU a Christmas Gift

Are you still scrambling for a very last minute Christmas gift? What about a kind of early New Year's gift? No need to worry, Neil Patrick Harris has you covered in the first Oscars Promo with a great gift suggestion. He has a present for us all. Seriously, he has something for all of us if we want it. What do I mean by this? Sadly, we are not reaping the benefits from those How I Met Your Mother residuals. Although I would love to get a piece of that somehow. Our boy NPH will be hosting the Academy Awards for the first time in 2015 and he wants us all to get excited about it. I was already pumped, but I appreciate the reminder. Anyway, back to the gift giving. If you are currently siitting around at Christmas dinner with distant relatives that you forgot to buy presents for, please don't fret or panic. The Oscars host jokingly suggests that it would be a great gift to just tell people that he's hosting and to watch the broadcast. You can even pull up a YouTube video of the first promo so you don't have to make awkward small talk with some cousin you forgot existed.

I hope that people end up "giving" this gift to their relatives. I would love to hear how that goes over. If your second cousin is a big pop culture fanatic, then it might be a hit. If your uncle could care less about awards shows, it might be an awkward and unappreciated gesture. Either way, it is certainly unique.