'Who You Gonna Call?" and Other Great Santa Quotes

Santa joined the Doctor for the Christmas special "Last Christmas." But because it's Doctor Who, not everything is as it seems, so is Santa real in Doctor Who? Turns out Santa is a dream who's trying to save the Doctor, Clara, and the new crew they joined. When new funny friend Shona said that Santa was a dream saving them, Nick Frost (as Santa) said, "I'm Santa — I think you just defined me." Right on, Santa. Right on.

The Christmas specials always give us Whovians a great taste of the holiday season, and "Last Christmas" was no exception. The 2014 special provided so much Santa and holiday wonderfulness (and a really badass Rudolph), and reunited Clara and the Doctor with the help of Santa Claus. But Santa was not your regular jolly old man. The hysterical Frost gave Santa an edge (watching Santa orchestrate gift deliveries over his cell phone was amazing). So here are the best Santa Claus quotes from the Doctor Who Christmas special.

  1. "I can commit several million housebreaks in one night, dressed in a red suit with jingle bells, so, of course, I can get back in the infirmary."
  2. "No, no, no. I need you to do the East Coast — right now. Well, otherwise he's gonna be doing the islands in broad daylight. Yeah, listen. Please try to remember our mugshots are on every Christmas card."
  3. "For Easter's sake!"
  4. "'Cause I can't text the Easter bunny, you know."
  5. "So it gives you me — sweet Papa Crimpo."
  6. "Alright, as the Doctor might say, 'Argh, it's all a bit dreamy weamy.'"
  7. "Who you gonna call?" (Ghostbusters!! Just kidddddingggg, it's Santa at Christmas.)
  8. "Ho ho ho. Believe in Santa."
  9. "Get in the sleigh. Fortunately, I know all your home addresses."
  10. "You want to take the reins, Doctor?"

And with the final quote, the Doctor drove Santa Claus's sleigh over London, with epic shots of the city that are similar to how Peter Capaldi took over in Season 8. A very happy Whovian Christmas indeeed. But don't worry, showrunner Steven Moffat still says Santa is real — even if he was just a dream this time around.

Image: BBC America