Bieber Bought HIMSELF a Jet for Christmas

Here's one Christmas gift that definitely wasn't a surprise for anyone. Justin Bieber bought himself a private jet for Christmas, and according to TMZ, it cost around $60 million. I would actually like to nominate Bieber for most annoying celebrity Christmas. The 20-year-old pop star apparently also celebrated the holiday by playing beer pong. He then posted a couple pictures of a luxurious private jet, captioned: "New jet for Christmas, and she's beautiful." That much is undeniable. The jet has white leather seats, a dark and shiny interior, and a lounge area. I clearly do not know that much about jets.

TMZ estimates that the G6 went for $60 million and speculates about how Bieber was able to afford such a present. Bieber's net worth is reportedly $200 million, and according to People he earned around $80 million this year alone. Despite these ridiculously huge numbers, it would still be a pretty big expense for him to buy it, not including the other presents he (hopefully) got for his friends and family. However, TMZ also speculates that the jet is not entirely Bieber's, but is a partial ownership in a timeshare-like arrangement. Apparently, it's popular with the celebrities these days. Though Bieber boldly claimed the jet as his own Christmas gift, this seems a little more likely.

Justin Bieber's Instagram is a study in conspicuous consumption, but this seems especially over the top. Taking to social media to celebrate a multimillion dollar purchase for himself on a day of giving? Sure, he's far from the only celebrity to flaunt his wealth, but he is one of the youngest. I think it's way too decadent for the newly bleached blonde celebrity. I just hope Justin Bieber wasn't the only one to receive gifts from Justin Bieber this Christmas.