Is It Strange To Feel Jealous Of A Cat?

Christmas isn't a competition for a couple of reasons. There's all that blah blah blah about love and the true meaning of the season and all that — but the real reason is that there will always be people out there ready and waiting to out-gift us, and it's just futile to get worked up over that perfect ~*thing*~ that someone else got. For instance, Taylor Swift got a Christmas gift from her mother that pretty much perfectly encapsulate the year she's had — at least in relation to her feline companions. I got a $12 desk from Goodwill. I'd say we're both pretty happy right about now.

Both our gifts are great, but I do have to say I'm pretty jealous of the gift Swift's mother, Andrea Finlay, got her mega pop star daughter. She didn't get her a private jet a la whoever's gifting Justin Bieber, but she did get her something a lot closer to this particular pop star's heart: Something nice for her cats. The gifts in question appear to be two very nice cat carriers with "Doctor Meredith Grey" and "Detective Olivia Benson" inscribed on them in honor of the two cats Swift named after the great TV characters. In the Instagram in which the presents were revealed you can see those cats sitting in their respective new carriers, showing varying levels of excitement. Considering this is the year Swift made herself officially known as a cat lady, it's pretty fitting. And for Swift's cats? Those look like some comfy digs for traveling.

This also means something for Swift's 2015: She no longer has any excuse to walk through the streets of Manhattan carrying her cats with wild abandon, something a few people called her out on in her very weird, very successful 2014.

It's a new year for all of us. It's especially a new year for Taylor Swift's cats. May many more cats arrive by 2016.