Ed Sheeran Thinks Taylor Swift Should Date Who?!

Even though we all know that Taylor Swift doesn’t have any plans to date in the near future, it seems that one of her closest friends has already mapped out her next relationship — and let’s just say that I’m pretty excited about the possibility of this match. In an interview with British magazine Now, Ed Sheeran reportedly admitted he’d love to see Taylor Swift date Orlando Bloom, because, oddly enough, Bloom — aka the most handsome elf prince in all the land — happens to be the pop singer’s neighbor in her New York City apartment building.

“[I’m hoping that] the magic might present itself eventually,” Sheeran said of the duo.

Though it’s not clear whether or not the two have ever been introduced to one another before, Bloom and one of Swift’s best friends, Selena Gomez, are already friends after they attended the We Day California Conference earlier in the year. Initially, there had been rumors swirling about a romance happening there too, but, as it turns out, Bloom and Gomez are just friends, which means it would totally be okay for Swift to date him if she so chooses.

I’m all about Swift being an independent woman — more power to her — and though it’s of course possible that she could live the rest of her life as a cat lady with Meredith and Olivia Benson, one day she may date again. So, if that thought does ever cross her mind, here are my thoughts on what Orlando Bloom and Taylor Swift would be like as a couple.

They’d Go On Double Dates With Their Model Friends

After dating a Victoria’s Secret angel, Bloom might not be on the best terms with some of Miranda Kerr’s buddies, but he won’t have to worry if he dates Swift. After all, she’s basically friends with every single VS model now and she's practically a model herself.

They’d Probably Be the Leaders of the Justin Bieber Hate Club

Though Swift has never tried to punch the singer like Bloom once did, there’s no doubt in my mind that she probably wants to after he broke her BFF’s heart.

They’d Nerd Out Together

I mean, I think we all know that T-Swift is a huge dork, which is why so many people love her, and the mere fact that Bloom played Legolas in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit says it all.

They’d Have Disagreements About the Age-Old Question: Cats or Dogs?

With Swift’s two cats, Meredith and Olivia Benson, and Bloom's many dogs, they’d pretty much have a full house of adorableness.

They’d Look Flawless Leaving the Gym Together

It’s really just so unfair. Their beauty would blind Manhattan.

They’d Argue Over Whether Or Not Tay Swift’s Heels Would Make Bloom Look Short

Since Bloom is 5’11 and Swift is 5’10, they’re already close in height. However, Swift fans know how much the singer likes to rock a good pump. He’ll just have to deal and suck it up like Keith Urban does with Nicole Kidman.

They’d Go Surfing Together

Of course, Bloom would probably have to save Swift because she’d likely wipe out. We’ve all seen her “surf” before for the 2010 Teen Choice Awards… maybe paddle-boarding is the way to go for this superstar.

So there you have it: Bloom and Swift would probably make the perfect couple. (However, if Swift still says she’s not interested in dating despite Sheeran’s best efforts, Bloom can always DM me for my number. Hint, hint.)

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