You Have To Hear This Taylor Swift Cover

One of the best thing about Taylor Swift's music is that her lyrics are so universally relatable that they lend themselves particularly well to a huge variety of interpretations. Take it from me: Listening to "Mine" when you're in a happy relationship compared to when you're feeling angry at the world are two totally different experiences. And these different interpretations inevitably equal some truly creative covers, and that's exactly what Nashville musician Louisa Wendorff did with two of Swift's most popular songs from 1989, "Style" and "Blank Space."

In her cover, Wendorff and fellow artist Devin Dawson stand back to back, singing an acoustic, slowed down mashup of the two songs, and It. Is. Incredible. As much as I've listened to 1989 all the way through since it dropped in October — and I'm sure that number is in the hundreds — even I was surprised at how well these songs play off of each other.... not to mention how gorgeous their voices sound together. Their harmonies are ridiculous, and I mean that in the best possible way. There's no way words can do this cover justice, so you just need to watch it yourself. It's absolutely amazing.

It's not exactly surprising that once Swift got ahold of this video, she was amazed by it, too, and tweeted out the link to her followers.

Being that Swift has a penchant for doing exceptionally nice things for her fans — especially ones who put together covers as remarkable as this one — I'd put money on Wendorff receiving a special treat from Swift soon. If it came in the form of Wendorff and Swift doing their own duet together, I would be eternally grateful.

In fact, now that I'm aware of Wendorff and how much talent she has — and how well she made two Swift songs her own — I'm dying for her to mash up more of Swift's masterpieces. "All You Had to Do Was Stay" and "Out of the Woods" would fit together pretty well, don't you think? And going further back into Swift's discography, I'd love to hear Wendorff and Dawson tackle a mashupoka of "All Too Well" and her more recent "Clean." Actually, I could go on all day. Do you think they're taking requests?