Charli XCX Is Cool With Being In Slytherin

It’s currently Harry Potter weekend on ABC Family, so naturally I’ve been re-watching all the movies to relive my childhood, because what else would a Muggle do on a Saturday or Sunday night? And clearly I’m not the only one. On Sunday, Charli XCX tweeted that someone said she’d be in Slytherin if she ever attended Hogwarts, and the singer wasn’t pleased — initially that is.

Tweeting: “someone just told me that if I were at Hogwarts I’d definitely be in slytherin and I was genuinely SO offended,” the 22-year-old British singer, later said, “I would have been more offended if they’d said hufflepuff tho…” before finally converting to the dark side with a tweet that read, “waaaait… kinda into it now. I’m a slytherin bb.”

So it looks like Charli XCX didn’t even need the Sorting Hat to place her in the house founded by Salazar Slytherin, but her drastic switch from being completely offended with the idea of being in Slytherin to her full approval was quite surprising. Valuing ambition and resourcefulness, and known for being cunning, the house isn’t too far off for the singer who gives off rebellious vibes. That isn’t to say however that she would necessarily become evil and join He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, but you never know.

However, with Harry Potter all around, and with this ongoing debate between Charli XCX and her fans on whether or not she’d be in Slytherin, the whole topic had me wondering about the singer’s fellow female celebs and what house they would be in. So I’ve created a list of some of my favorite women in Hollywood to determine where the Sorting Hat might place them.

Taylor Swift — Hufflepuff

OK, I know everyone has a thing against Hufflepuff, but I don’t mean any offense to Tay Swift. We all know how loyal she is to her friends (I mean she wouldn’t have so many of them if she wasn’t), and she’s basically a symbol of kindness.

Evangeline Lilly — Gryffindor

To be frank, I don’t know much about Lilly, so I’m basing this off her character in The Hobbit. And if you’ve seen the three Hobbit films, you’d know how kick-ass this lady is. Let’s just say she’d probably be okay with fighting off a mountain troll for you.

Katy Perry — Slytherin

This was a tough one because I don’t think Perry is all that bad but she can definitely be a bit of a diva. Remember her cryptic tweet, “Watch out for the Regina George in sheep’s clothing…”? We’re all pretty sure that was about Tay Swift. Plus, Perry didn’t defend her fellow pop singer when rumored boyfriend Diplo started making comments about her derriere.

Selena Gomez — Hufflepuff

Well we all know Justin Bieber would be in Slytherin so obviously Gomez would be the polar opposite: simply put, she's kind and loyal.

Lorde — Ravenclaw

For only being 18 years old, Ella Yelich-O’Connor is wise beyond her years. Intelligence, knowledge and wit? We have your next witch right here, Rowena Ravenclaw!

Jessica Chastain — Gryffindor

Open about female empowerment and her feminist views, Chastain and Emma Watson would probably be best friends.

Anne Hathaway — Ravenclaw

Haters gona hate, but Hathaway is probably one of the most brilliant actresses out there and I don’t care what you say. Plus she just seems to have an air of intelligence about her, does she not?

Emma Stone — Gryffindor or Ravenclaw

This was also difficult because I feel that Stone is a mix of both house’s values. However, her boyfriend is Spider-Man so I don’t doubt that she’d be willing to face Lord Voldemort if necessary.

Jennifer Lawrence — Gryffindor

I mean that was a given. Aside from just being super awesome (and according to Daniel Racliffe, awesome people go to Gryffindor), she’s also brave (and not just as Katniss Everdeen). It takes a lot for someone to fall down the stairs to receive an Oscar and get up from that with pride, right?

Liv Tyler — Hufflepuff

Don’t her movie characters just scream Hufflepuff? Come on — we’ve all seen Armageddon and Lord of the Rings. There’s nothing wrong with that though!

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