Proof Justin Timberlake is the Perfect Husband

Do you ever think about the fact that 80 percent of *NSYNC is married? With Lance Bass's recent wedding, that means four of the five guys are officially taken. Not only does that stat make me feel old, it's also a sad reminder that my childhood dreams of marrying a boy band member probably won't come true. Anyway, while I'll never have Justin Timberlake to myself, he recently proved that he makes a wonderful husband. On Christmas, Timberlake shared an Instagram photo of himself baking. This means there's no shortage of holiday treats in their household, which is great news considering the rumors that Jessica Biel may (or may not) be pregnant and could potentially have cravings. Either way, what person doesn't want cookies?

In the picture, Timberlake is wearing a striped apron while hunched over a KitchenAid mixer. As an avid baker myself, I'm a big fan of that mixer. It shows he takes his cookie preparations pretty seriously. You can also see his wedding ring, which makes it even more precious. Here's the caption:

Just so y'all know who was doing the baking today... Yeah, buddy! Your boy got it in! Merry Christmas and stuff...

I've never heard anyone else refer to baking with the phrase "your boy got it in," but since it's JT, I'll allow it.

Now only one question remains: what do you think he made? There are so many possibilities — cookies, cake, pies. As long as he didn't make fruit cake (does anyone actually like that?), I'm sure it was delicious. Especially since he also tweeted this...

Oh, and let's not forget that this isn't the only time Timberlake was an awesome spouse. There's that whole "Mirrors" song, too.

Plus, I wouldn't be surprised if he sings "This I Promise You" to Biel on a regular basis. It's an oldie but goodie.

Long story short, Jessica Biel is one lucky lady! With holiday baked goods and personalized ballads, what more could you ask for?