Sorry, That Madonna Song Isn't About Lady Gaga

Another day, another aborted feud. Despite the festive happiness of the Christmas season, it appears that people still found some trouble to stir up in the land of celebrity feuds. Madonna's demo recordings have been leaking on the Internet and the latest one, "Two Steps Behind," was reportedly a diss track from Madonna toward, of all people, Lady Gaga. Featuring such lines as, "You're a copycat, get back/I'm always on your mind," the song didn't call out Gaga by name but it has been reported since August 2014 by The Sun to be about the "Paparazzi" singer. Now Madonna's manager has denied "Two Steps Behind" is about Lady Gaga at all and, honestly, that should have gone without saying.

The denial came during a Twitter Q&A between fans and manager Guy Oseary, a Q&A that was on the topic of Madonna's latest album Rebel Heart. Two different fans asked Oseary about "Two Steps Behind" and Madonna's personal feelings toward Lady Gaga, which, to be fair, have a history of being rather negative. (Not that, to be equally fair, Lady Gaga has liked Madonna much either.) However, the era of Lady Gaga and Madonna taking shots at each other seems to have ended in 2013, so the controversy surrounding "Two Steps Behind" just seems like a last-ditch attempt to kickstart an old feud that shouldn't be going on to begin with.

The animosity between Lady Gaga and Madonna was fueled by the fact that the two pop stars were frequently compared to one another, much like Ariana Grande is compared to Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj was compared to Lil' Kim. It's sad that in all those cases but one — Grande and Carey — a feud did break out between the two stars. However, inventing a feud where there isn't one, especially between two incredibly talented female artists, is just about the worst thing a rumor can do in my eyes. It's all too easy to pit women against each other in some imaginary competition when they should be supporting one another instead.

The fact that Madonna (allegedly) holds no ill will toward Lady Gaga anymore, and is even to the point of listening to her albums, is a sweet end to a year-old feud that was doing no one any favors. Madonna isn't just a singer; she's a pop icon and a legend. Lady Gaga, despite her career not spanning the decades that Madonna's has, earned her place as an icon and legend as well. They are both performers that will define their generation, if not for their music then for their eccentricities, their philanthropy, and their scandals. I want to believe that the two of them aren't feuding because I never thought they should be at each other's throats to begin with. Hopefully, the words of Madonna's manager are enough to keep the peace.