Lady Gaga is the New Face of Shiseido

Lady Gaga's look, from her wild hair to her expertly lined and dramatic eyes to her couture clothes to her unique face, is as integral to her fame as her artpop, or her music. Now, Lady Gaga is the face of Shiseido's 2015 New Year's ad campaign. For the campaign, Gaga took 50 selfies of her unforgettable face and each image will appear in different Japanese newspapers throughout the New Year period.

On Thursday, January 1, 46 of the Gaga selfies will be published. The final four will be published on Monday, January 5. Unfortunately, the makeup and skincare brand does not plan to use these selfies outside of Japan. Boo on that... although we can hope that Gaga shares some of the shots on her Instagram feed. My fingers are certainly crossed that she is in a generous mood on New Year's Day!

So not only is Gaga the temporary "face" of Shiseido in a specific region but she is also the photographer for the "shoot," since they are selfies.

Here's a lovely and recent shot of the famous face that the Japanese people will be seeing lots and lots of later this week.

Also, Gaga's wigs are also her armor and part of her persona. She changes her hair length and color often with the assistance of hair pieces. So when Gaga posted a photo without her wigs, it was a striking sight, but in a totally different way. Here, Gaga's hair is in her hands and she looks bald. While her natural hair is shorter, due to the ringer through which she puts it, she appears to be wearing a wig cap (or a really slick and tight bun) here. Still, it's such a strong aesthetic since she is otherwise topless with the hair and her elbows covering up her lady lumps.

Gaga also looks sad without her wigs. Remember, her song "Hair" addresses the strength that one can gain due to their look and style.

It doesn't matter when or where this photo was taken, really. The visual is compelling without any window dressing or context clues. Gaga is never afraid of getting naked and stripping down, be it for magazine covers or photo shoots, and this is a different way she dared to bare.

This image feels like a look not at Mother Monster but at Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. It's not like Gaga hides her, exactly, we just don't get to see her too often. So I'm psyched when she comes out to play.

Image: Lady Gaga/Instagram (2)