Taylor Swift With Fart Sounds Because Why Not

Over the past few months, we've heard some stirring versions of covers from Taylor Swift's 1989, including the male YouTube duo Superfruit who covered the whole album in a medley right off the bat, and most recently a cover of "Clean" by Ingrid Michaelson (the queen of alternative singer/songwriters herself). But as the new year approaches, fellow Swifties and non-Swifties alike, allow me to usher you into my Taylor Swift Time Machine (patent pending) all the way back to the autumn of 2012, when nothing could help you escape hearing "I Knew You Were Trouble" on the radio a dozen times on one trip to the mall. Evidently some people were more affected by this phenomenon than others, judging by this guy's cover of "I Knew You Were Trouble" replaced with fart sounds.

Guys, before you dismiss this as a joke, you have to understand the man behind this video is no amateur. His YouTube account decrees: "The best farts and belches from Dr. Kolonowski, the top farting instructor in the world," so obviously he doesn't mess around. He is clearly about to usher in a new era of replacing songs with fart noises, and Taylor should be honored that hers was among the lucky chosen few he used to start. Someone had to show up that guy who replaced half the chorus with goat screams before they got too cocky anyway.

Come on, I know you can't resist listening to it. Even the most hardcore fans of Taylor, the ones who aggressively attended every concert in their city and inked lyrics from her albums all over their bodies in permanent rainbow Sharpies (JUDGE ME ALL YOU WANT), cannot escape the childish allure of the fart. Behold the glory of this cover that will otherwise never see the light of day. And be warned: You might think that this would do something to diminish the hotness of Reeve Carney, the guy in this video (aka the original Spider-Man on Broadway), but alas, if anything the farts only grant him more power: