Sophia Bush's Christmas Gift Lit On Fire

If you thought you had a wild Christmas fielding questions about your love life and career path from your family, then try starting a mini fire while unwrapping presents. That's what happened for Sophia Bush during her family's Christmas. On Dec. 27, Bush posted a photo on Instagram that looked every bit terrifying, alarming, hilarious, and downright perfect. The pics is of her unwrapping a present while another gift casually catches fire. The timing is incredible, since, according to the caption, Bush's mom (the photographer in this scenario) didn't even realize that her present was set ablaze. But really, it's the symbolism that Bush created for us, because this photo truly represents the utter chaos that occurs at family Christmases, right?

In addition to the fire that occurred, Bush also got some on point Christmas gifts this year, receiving some great feminist texts that were on all of our Christmas lists this year. Bush posted a photo on Instagram of a pile of goodies, and the two real standouts are Amy Poehler's Yes Please, and Caitlin Moran's How to Build a Girl: A Novel — although, those are some great coats she got, too. As Bush mentions in her caption of the photo, the two books are written by strong, hilarious women.

Poehler's Yes Please, is the perfect book for fans of Poehler and SNL , but also for those who just want some kickass advice and wisdom from one of the greats. Moran's How to Build a Girl is a wonderful fiction answer to those who love authors like Tina Fey, Chelsea Handler, and Lena Dunham, combining the hilarity that all women bring to their texts, with a powerful coming of age story for the novel's leading lady, Johanna.

Bush updated fans on Monday morning on the status of the fire's damage. Luckily, no one was hurt, and there wasn't too much damage done, besides a now marshmallowed book cover.

Merry Christmas, Sophia Bush! Thank you for always being the coolest.

Image: SophiaBush/Instagram