Selena, Kendall, & Gigi Are Having the Best NYE

We're in that awkward holiday limbo between Christmas and New Year's, and I hate it. It's those few days you go back to work between holidays that are the worst. You're not sure if you should still be listening to Christmas music or not, and there's only one way to remedy it: start celebrating the new year early. And this is exactly what Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner, and Gigi Hadid are doing now that they've jetted off to Dubai for the holiday, making the rest of our plans look super lame. I mean, how do you top that? There's no such thing as a party glamorous enough to top taking off to the Emirates with your girlfriends for the week. It doesn't exist.

So far, the trip has already been commemorated by plenty of Polaroid photos, and I imagine they'll keep showing up on Instagram over the next few days. It definitely seems that Gomez has taken a page out of her BFF Taylor Swift's book with those, considering that girl's been all about the instant photos since releasing her Polaroid-themed album, 1989, in October. And I don't hate it. Actually, the pictures that are coming out of this trip so far are kind of adorable.

And according to Twitter, Hadid's boyfriend, Cody Simpson, is also on the trip, along with a few of the group's other friends. Basically, this New Year's adventure has everything it needs to be truly epic, but in case they're looking for a few suggestions on what they should do when the clock strikes midnight, I'm loaded with ideas. And, um, if they feel like extending an invite after they realize I'm the best event planner ever, I wouldn't turn it down.

A Major Jam Sesh

Let me set the stage for you: A bonfire on the beach. Cody Simpson and Selena Gomez singing their own rendition of a Sam Smith song of their choice as the rest of the group sways to the beat. Kendall Jenner is off to the side, taking selfies. "First selfie of 2015!" she posts as the clock on her iPhone turns from 11:59 to 12:00.

A Fashion Show

This is for Jenner and Hadid, in case they felt left out during Simpson and Gomez's aforementioned jam sesh. Actually, now that I think about it, this New Year's Eve party I'm planning is sounding a lot like a middle school talent show. It's fine.

A Kardashians Marathon

Why do I feel like Jenner is the kind of person who really, really loves watching herself on Keeping Up With the Kardashians when she's in the company of friends? I'd like to be very clear that this is not a dig at her. If I was Kendall Jenner, I would feel the same, and try to point out how gorgeous I am at every possible opportunity.

Absolutely Nothing Involving Justin Bieber

Because how you begin 2015 is how you'll spend the rest of the year, and for Gomez, she needs to spend the rest of her year as far away from Justin Bieber as possible.

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