6 of the Best Covers of Taylor Swift's '1989'

There are a lot of covers out there of popular songs, but when you catch the attention of Taylor Swift — for covering one of her songs — you know you're doing something right. Over the weekend, Swift tweeted out a link to this "Blank Space" and "Style" mashup cover, with the caption "OBSESSED," giving it the thumbs up/stamp of approval all cover artists probably hope for when taking on a song by a well-known artist like Swift. And because Swift knows all, she is right, this cover is worth your obsession.

The cover is by singer-songwriters Louisa Wendorff and Devin Dawson, both based out of Nashville. The two cover the song with a slightly different style than Swift's originals, but still stay true to their origins. Wendorff and Dawson aren't the only two musicians to take a stab at covering a Swift tune, though. Since 1989 came out in October, YouTube has been filling up with incredibly talented performers covering songs from the hugely successful album. And while I wouldn't want to make the blanket statement that some of these covers are better than the originals, some of them are incredibly unique and will instantly make you want to download every and all songs the cover artists have done. Here are six of the best covers of 1989.

Louisa Wendorff & Devin Dawson "Blank Space" "Style" Mashup

Tiffany Alvord "Shake It Off" Acoustic Cover

SUPERFRUIT's Entire 1989 Cover

Tyler Ward "Out of the Woods" Acoustic Cover

Sarah Close "Bad Blood" Cover

Madilyn Bailey "Wildest Dreams" Cover