Where Did 'Vanderpump' Party in San Diego?

No doubt that the cast of Vanderpump Rules knows how to party. And no doubt that when they party, things get a little out of control. In the past, we've seen the two seasons prior to this, many many mistakes are made when the cast goes out for a weekend away. Cheating, those are the mistakes I am talking about. Well, as they say, history is repeating itself. In the upcoming episode of Vanderpump Rules, Jax and the boys go to clubs in San Diego on a VIP weekend away, and from the looks of it, "out of control" is the biggest understatement known to mankind.

In the preview of the episode, appropriately titled "Jax Taylor's Liver Hates Him," — which sounds like a children's book to teach kids to avoid alcohol where a talking liver is mean to a young Jax Taylor — we see the aftermath of a pretty insane night out that involves absolutely no memory on Jax's part. So where did Jax, Peter, Tom Sandoval, and Tom Schwartz party for the night that seems like the movie The Hangover? Sometimes you are just in for a night of debauchery, so if you want to party like a Vanderpump Rules cast member, you've got to know where to go! First, take a look at this clip of Jax waking up completely lost in the world, where the only thing missing is a small, stolen baby:

So, we know that Jax's girlfriend, Tiffany, has helped hook up the guys for the weekend. She is an event coordinator in Vegas, and surely has connections and friends in San Diego that allow her to treat her man well. And that's how Jax repays her. Anyway, I digress. So after a bit of sleuthing, I learned that someone on Twitter, the nightlife manager at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego tweeted about an upcoming episode she appears on, which leads me to think that the guys might have partied it up at the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego's 207 or Float (and Tom Schwartz favorited it, so jackpot, right?)

While there's no photographic evidence of this (But really, from the looks of that clip, do you blame the guys for keeping their phones in their pockets for this night? Photo or it didn't happen might be working in their favor) it would make sense that the guys would enjoy the top nightclubs the hotel had to offer.