When Do Your Favorite Shows Come Back in 2015?

The holidays are great and all, but they're also a total drag. All of our favorite shows either go on break until it's time for the second half of the season or are taking their sweet time inching toward the premiere date of the first episode of their new season. Either way, we have to wait and I am done with it. Scandal can't just give us a winter finale like that and then leave us hanging, oh no. Of course, I can't make time move faster and there's no way I'm going to just magically stop watching Jane the Virgin or Scandal. The only conceivable thing to do is to make sure I'm as prepared for their return as possible. So when do your favorite shows come back? Here's a handy guide.

Between January and April 2015, there are going to be a rash of shows either coming back or debuting for the first time. So for those who are obsessively waiting for their favorite shows or looking to pick up some new favorites along the way, Deadline has provided these specific post-New Year's premiere dates that you should be aware of.

January 4:

Downtown Abbey (PBS, Season 5 Premiere)Revenge (ABC, Season 4B Premiere)

January 6:

Marvel’s Agent Carter (ABC, Series Premiere)Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family, Season 5B Premiere)Switched at Birth (ABC Family, Season 4 Premiere)Cougar Town (TBS, Season 6 Premiere)

January 7:

American Idol (Fox, Season 14 Premiere)Empire (Fox, Series Premiere)

January 8:

Archer (FX, Season 6 Premiere)Portlandia (IFC, Season 5 Premiere)

January 9:

Glee (Fox, Season 6 Premiere)

January 11:

Shameless (Showtime, Season 5 Premiere)House of Lies (Showtime, Season 4 Premiere)Episodes (Showtime, Season 4 Premiere)Girls (HBO, Season 4 Premiere)Togetherness (HBO, Series Premiere)Looking (HBO, Season 2 Premiere)

January 13:

Parks and Recreation (NBC, Season 7 Premiere)Kroll Show (Comedy Central, Season 3 Premiere)

January 14:

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FXX, Season 10 Premiere)Man Seeking Woman (FXX, Series Premiere)Broad City (Comedy Central, Season 2 Premiere)

January 19:

The Fosters (ABC Family, Season 2B Premiere)Chasing Life (ABC Family, Season 1B Premiere)Jane the Virgin (The CW, Season 1B Premiere)Hart Of Dixie (The CW, Season 4 Premiere)

January 20:

Justified (FX, Season 6 Premiere)

January 28:

The Americans (FX, Season 3 Premiere)Suits (USA, Season 4B Premiere)

January 29:

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC, Season 11B Premiere)Scandal (ABC, Season 4B Premiere)How to Get Away With Murder (ABC, Season 1B Premiere)

February 1:

The Blacklist (NBC, Season 2B Premiere, After the Super Bowl)

February 4:

Nashville (ABC, Season 3B Premiere)

February 5:

Allegiance (NBC, Series Premiere)

February 8:

The Walking Dead (AMC, Season 5B Premiere)Better Call Saul (AMC, Series Premiere)

February 19:

The Odd Couple (CBS, Series Premiere)

February 23:

The Voice (NBC, Cycle 8 Premiere)

February 25:

Survivor (CBS, Cycle 30 Premiere)The Amazing Race (CBS, Cycle 26 Premiere)

February 27:

House of Cards (Netflix, Season 3 Premiere)

March 1:

Once Upon a Time (ABC, Season 4B Premiere)Secrets and Lies (ABC, Series Premiere)The Last Man on Earth (Fox, Series Premiere)Battle Creek (CBS, Series Premiere)

March 2:

The Following (Fox, Season 3 Premiere)

March 3:

Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC, Season 2B Premiere)Hell’s Kitchen (Fox, Cycle 14 Premiere)

March 4:

CSI: Cyber (CBS, Series Premiere)Broadchurch (BBC America, Season 2 Premiere)

March 5:

DIG (USA Network, Series Premiere)American Crime (ABC, Series Premiere)

March 17:

Undateable (NBC, Season 2 Premiere)One Big Happy (NBC, Series Premiere)

March 20:

Mr Selfridge (PBS, Season 3 Premiere)

March 26:

Bones (Fox, Season 10B Premiere)

March 29:

Call the Midwife (PBS, Season 4 Premiere)

March 31:

Weird Loners (Fox, Series Premiere)Younger (TV Land, Series Premiere)

April 5:

Wolf Hall (PBS, Series Premiere)A.D. (NBC, Limited Series Premiere)Odyssey (NBC, Series Premiere)

Image: ABC