This Girl Got 'Frozen' Pranked By Her Dad

by Alanna Bennett

This Christmas, a little girl got a preeeettty disappointing surprise. Hopefully it was worth the disappointment, though, because in the aftermath, the whole Internet gets to laugh about it. One little girl asked her dad for a Frozen doll — what she got instead was a literal frozen doll. If I were her I'd be all kinds of pissed off, but as a third party observer, I've gotta admire this dad's commitment to the wordplay.

As The Mary Sue's Sam Maggs pointed out, this is really the ultimate dad joke. The pun of it all! That innocent, "What? You asked for a frozen doll!" The little girl all dressed up as a princess while she asks her dad, forlorn and frustrated, how the hell he could misunderstand her so badly. Classic.

It's a prank this dad will be reliving for years and years, to all of his daughter's friends and/or significant others at Christmases to come, while the daughter probably forgot about it at approximately the time her dad whipped out the real Frozen doll he got her.

And oh, he better have had a real Frozen doll on standby, or this whole thing was just way too mean.