How Did Sofia & Joe Meet?

When Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello started being seen around town together, I think it's safe to say that probably every living creature on Earth was insanely jealous at the sheer hotness of their pairing. Like, how could they even be allowed to be so near each other without the risk of engulfing people near them actual flames? The news of them dating ended up being true, and after being loved up for a few months there are some new reports about the two hitting coming out. According to E!, Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello are engaged! There is so much I can say about this beautiful pairing but immediately all I can think about is the gorgeous wedding and beautiful future spawn these two will undoubtedly have.

OK, now back to business. Sources told E! News that Manganiello proposed on Christmas Day in Hawaii, where the two have been vacationing and looking very happy. The couple ignited some rumors early in December when they were spotted jewelry shopping in Los Angeles, and Manganiello purchased Vergara a nice little rose ring. On Dec. 28, Vergara took to her Instagram to post a special birthday message to Manganiello, calling him "her love and best friend." Sounds like these two fell in love quite quickly after a whirlwind romance, but how did Manganiello and Vergara meet in the first place?

At the beginning of this year, Vergara was still in a two-year engagement with her on-off boyfriend, Nick Loeb. By May 2014, Vergara herself announced the final split between her and Loeb on her WhoSay account, while Manganiello announced his single status (after breaking up with girlfriend Bridget Peters) in March on the Today show.

In the few months after, Manganiello was chosen at the cover star of People's Hottest Bachelor issue, but that didn't seem to last very long. In fact, he might be the ultimate proof of the old adage, if you put it out into the universe, it will come back to you. In the July Bachelor issue, Manganiello said Vergara was his ultimate celeb crush, saying, "You're gonna get me in trouble. I don't want to be like a home-wrecker. This person is engaged. She's got the curves, she's got a beautiful face, beautiful hair, just gorgeous. Naturally beautiful." He didn't end there. He went on to share that the two met at the 2014 White House Correspondent's Dinner, where he was pictured in an, um, uncompromising photo. He told People:

There was a picture someone snapped at the White House Correspondents' Dinner where they caught me looking at Sofia Vergara's butt... When you talk about being manipulated, that's what I'm talking about. It's like a moment of zen. There is nothing in my brain. If only I could meditate that well. I don't go after other people's women. She's got a guy. If she was single, I would be like, poof!

And poof he most certainly did, because by the end of June they were reported to be "hanging out," and Manganiello visited Vergara for a dinner date in New Orleans while she was shooting a film with Reese Witherspoon. He also made an appearance in Vergara's niece's Instagram during her 42nd birthday dinner at Nobu in Malibu and when you're hanging with the family, you know you're in.

Although it seems to have all moved very fast, Manganiello has shared that there should never be excuses to be with someone that you love. He told the Today show after his previous break-up (and few months before he met Vergara):

You can't be too busy for love. You gotta find time for love... You can always find time. If it's the right one, it's the right one. It doesn't matter, it'll just work out.

Sounds like some congratulations are in order for the hottest couple of the century!

Images: Getty Images