'Parks and Recreation' & Paul Rudd Will Reunite

by Alanna Bennett

Looks like we haven't sen the last of dopey heir Bobby Newport. According to TVLine Paul Rudd will return to Parks and Recreation. Chances are his presence will not stir nearly as much drama as his Season 4 run for city council did, but you never know what this season's aiming to stir up. In any case, perhaps his presence will once again evoke the days of Philly Justice.

Rudd's appeared in four episodes of Parks and Rec so far thanks to his Season 4 guest arc, and TVLine reports that the seventh and final season of the show will feature two episodes with his character when Adam Scott's Ben Wyatt thinks Bobby would "be a good fit for an open position." If Bobby's a good fit it's gotta be an interesting job.

This is not the first time Rudd has featured in the final season of a beloved NBC sitcom: He played Pheobe Bouffay's boyfriend-turned-husband Mike "Crap Bag" Hannigan in Friends' final season.

Whilst Rudd was hanging around set last time he, Scott, Amy Poehler, and fellow Season 4 guest arc-er Kathryn Hahn cooked up an inside joke wherein they all starred on a lawyer show called Philly Justice together. Sadly this show never existed in full format, but they did talk about turning it into a Funny Or Die sketch: