J. Law Has An Important Message About Ebola

Being a celebrity isn't just about being famous all the time, going to award shows and appearing in movies. Sure, for many celebrities, that does comprise their whole jobs — but for many other celebrities, their fame is an opportunity to raise awareness among people who wouldn't listen to them if they weren't famous. Take, for example, Samuel L. Jackson's Facebook video challenging celebrities to sing the ‘We ain’t gonna stop, ‘til people are free’ protest song to raise awareness about racism in America. Take, for example, all the celebrities who participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness about ALS. And, take for example, the stars of the Hunger Games participating in an Ebola PSA to dispel misinformation and raise awareness about the truly insidious facts of the disease.

At this point, we are all well-aware of the Ebola epidemic that reached a fever pitch in 2014. At one point, it seemed like we couldn't go a week without a new case being discovered and quarantined somewhere in America. However, the solemn-faced Hunger Games stars, including Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hemsworth, take time in the video to point out that every single one of the Ebola sufferers that were treated in American hospitals survived — meaning that the actual part of Ebola that is "deadly" is not having access to the proper care, not the disease itself.

Despite Lawrence's status as America's sweetheart, it is honestly Hutcherson who comes across as the most charming part of the PSA. He seems almost uncomfortable staring stonily into the camera like his counterparts and instead directs his comments mainly to Lawrence, as if they're having a conversation rather than parroting back facts. In fact, at certain points, he seems just as thunderstruck by what they are reporting as we're expected to be, and that just makes it feel all the more real.

Overall, it was a short but poignant way to raise awareness about being actually aware of the facts rather than giving in to blind panic about Ebola. Check out the PSA below.

Image: YouTube