Justin Really Sucks at Skateboarding

If there’s one dude who just cannot keep himself away from the lens of a camera, it is most certainly the Biebs. The thing is, his spotlight basking isn’t always controversial, though he does have a penchant for breaking the law. His newest bout in a continual quest for well over 15 minutes of fame, just turned out to be a blush-worthy moment. If you haven’t yet been exposed to the schadenfreude-esque video footage, the ever-cocky Justin Bieber skateboards and messes up... repeatedly. Now, I know, you think I’m being a total hater. But it is sort of gratifying to see him being taken down a few pegs in a mostly harmless way.

I'm not saying Bieber isn’t good at other things, because he most certainly is. For one, the whole singing gig seems to be working out for him real well — I’d be lying if I didn't admit that I may have busted a move or 12 to "Baby" back in the day. Bieber is also a decent dancer, though maybe not up to queen Brit Brit's standards, but then again, who is? And, lest we forget, he's got an unparalleled knack for pissing anyone over the age of 14 off on a daily basis.

To put it mildly, Bieber will continue to succeed if he just sticks to his day job. Here’s some evidence that Biebs should probably leave the skateboarding tricks (and maybe just skateboarding in general) to the great Tony Hawk.

His Most Recent Fall

It wouldn't be so bad if he didn't keep on doing it.

An Equally Embarrassing Fall on a Tiny Half-Pipe:

Oh, boy.

When a Beanie Saved His Life

Fashionable and protective.

When He Really Took That "Try, Try Again" Mantra to Heart

You have to admire his determination.

Sweet Biebs, what would we do without you?