Gia Giudice MIGHT Have Her Own Reality Show

Just call me reality TV's Nostradamus, because I could see the Gia Giudice reality show coming about three years down the line. Maybe I made the prediction as a Franzia-fueled joke, but I stand by my premonition. Gia Giudice is reportedly filming her own reality show, finally fulfilling the fate she was groomed for since birth. As they say, the apple never falls far from the Tre.

As E! News reports, Gia is currently filming the pilot of a reality series that will follow her and her girl group bandmates, 3KT, as they chase pop stardom. As you probably remember, 3KT is Gia's band that released a music video cover of Britney Spears' "Circus" that may have been one of the most uncomfortable things you watched on YouTube this year.

Our trusty old friend "a source" told the news outlet that the show has been filming for two months already and that they have some "really fun" footage. "Once the pilot is done, they'll start shopping it around to all the networks," the source told E!. No word on who's financing this gravy train, but I'm guessing that this is one of Gia's Christmas presents from Joe and Teresa.

If this project is indeed legit, Gia will unfortunately have endure it without the help of her momager, with Teresa's 15-month prison sentence beginning in just a few days on Jan. 5. As the insider reports, "Teresa's thrilled but is keeping her distance. She's really not interested in being in the spotlight right now. She wants the focus to be on Gia." After all, Teresa's been training Gia for stardom this since she was a zygote. I mean, just LOOK at that crumping!

Before we get TOO excited about this prospect, let's recognize that reality shows exist to show the worst in people. That's why we watch them, DUH! They exist to give the docile masses a healthy dose of schadenfreude. Especially when it comes to wealthy 13-year-old girls, I'm guessing that the footage will be edited to make these kids not look so great. Gia generally seems like a pretty sweet girl, but we ALL had bratty attributes at 13. Luckily, we aren't all subjected to seeing that awkward period broadcast across the country, thus opening ourselves up to a level of judgment that we didn't fully understand we were submitting to. Add the circumstance of your parents being famous white collar criminals, and the situation gets even more sensitive. I'm just saying, this may not be the best time for Gia to embark on something that puts her still forming self-esteem at high risk for getting challenged.

But, if anything good can come out of this, it'll be some more Gia original tunes.

Image: Reality TV Gifs