'Into the Woods' Lyrics Describe Your IRL Problems

We all have our own sets of weird problems, and sometimes it feels like there's no way to perfectly describe them to friends, family, or random people on social media. Like with classic AIM away messages, sometimes you just have to use lyrics, and though I don't judge anyone who wants to rep some emo Fall Out Boy lines or some old-school Destiny's Child, I have a new suggestion: Into the Woods songs. OK, so they're not exactly new, but with the film adaptation out, you're probably already listening to the soundtrack on repeat — alternated with Taylor Swift's 1989, of course — and many lyrics from the fairy tale musical apply to real life issues. I'm not talking about real issues, but rather the agony of finishing binging your favorite TV show on Netflix or deciding whether to leave your house to get dinner or not. The pull of pajamas and a comfy bed is a struggle we all understand.

So next time you're sitting at your computer, trying to figure out how to tell everyone on Facebook about why you don't want to commute in six inches of snow, turn to Into the Woods. And remember that your first cup of coffee can rejuvenate you like The Witch after she chugs enchanted cow's milk.

When You Snooze Your Alarm For the Last Time

"Leave the moment, just be glad/For the moment that we had/Every moment is of moment." — "Any Moment"

When You Have to Decide Between Seamless and Going Out

"So then which do you pick: where you're safe, out of sight, and yourself, but where everything's wrong/Or where everything's right and you know that you'll never belong?" — "On the Steps of the Palace"

When You Don't Want to Commute in the Middle of a Storm

"I wish/More than anything/More than jewels/More than riches..." — "Prologue"

When You're Still on Breaking Bad Season 1 and Avoiding Spoilers

"Agony!/No frustration more keen/When the one thing you want/Is a thing that you've not even seen." — "Agony"

When You Meet a Cute Puppy in the Park

"Who out there could love you more than I?/What out there that I cannot supply?/Stay with me." — "Stay With Me"

When You Finish Your Last Slice of Pizza

"I guess this is goodbye, old pal/You've been a perfect friend/I hate to have to part, old pal/Some day I'll buy you back." — "I Guess This Is Goodbye"

When Your Best Friend Doesn't Want to Go to Brunch

"It takes two/I thought one was enough/It's not true/It takes two of us." — "It Takes Two"

Image: Into the Woods/Facebook