What's That Song In Those Three Olives Ads?

Three Olives Vodka's latest ad campaign invokes an old and famous adage: When a werewolf catches a whiff of the juice of a potato, a bolt of lightning will zap across that werewolf’s face. You’ve heard that saying, yes? Cool. The latest ad campaign for Three Olives Vodka also uses a cover of a Warren Zevon classic. But who, oh whoooooo (that’s my impression of a werewolf’s howl, and yes, I know it’s spot-on) is the artist behind this particular version of the oft-covered “Werewolves of London”? It is by 24-year-old singer-songwriter Masha.

Masha released EP Stupid, Stupid Dreams in 2013, and according to her website, she will release a full-length album in 2015. If you zip (zip, I say!) on over to her YouTube channel, you’ll find the talented artist's covers of Adele’s “Someone Like You,” Sia’s “Chandelier,” and Rihanna’s “Diamonds", aka my three favorite songs to scream-sing in my car. How did she know?!?!

There are three different lyncanthropy-tastic commercials and a three and a half minute music video. Here's my favorite of the ads (how did I pick? Uh, it was easy. That cave bar looks super awesome. I cannot resist a cave bar) that are currently in circulation:

And because any time is a good time to listen to Warren Zevon, here is the OG "Werewolves of London":

Image: ThreeOlivesVodka/YouTube