Did Nick Cannon Diss Mariah Carey?

It's been a pretty rough winter in terms of celebrity break-ups. From unexpected divorces to long-time couples parting ways, there's been a lot of heartbreak in Hollywood lately. While Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey split up back in August, there's at least some good news regarding these two. Apparently there's nothing but love between them! After Vibe reported Cannon was writing a new album where he dissed his ex-wife, Nick Cannon defended Mariah Carey. He first called out the magazine directly, writing:

@VibeMagazine Vibe, I rock with yall too tough to allow you to report false silliness. There is no album or songs!

After that, Cannon posted a series of tweets explaining he would never insult his former wife.

I will never say anything negative about @MariahCarey We are forever a family rooted in love.

Since 140-characters aren't enough, he continued:

I am always an open book but Personal matters are just that "Personal." So please respect my family and respect the process.

It's really sweet that he stood up for his wife and asked everybody to respect his privacy, as well as his family's. Considering he could've just let the rumors slide, it's great he spoke up. And it's even better news that there's no album dissing Mariah. But before we go overboard and overly praise Cannon for being such a chivalrous ex-husband, I'd like to point out one tweet directed at the media. It was a bit much.

Huh? Was that #ChokeYourself hashtag really necessary? I mean, I get it, having false stories printed can really enrage a person, but no need to be violent. Then he followed up with these tweets:

OK, so that harsh hashtag aside, he raises some valid points. It doesn't matter what the media says about his relationship, as long as he knows the truth. And in the new year, things can only get better, right? For the sake of their kids, I'm glad to hear they're remaining on good terms!