Hayden Shares Pics of Baby Kaya!

If the mere sight of celebrity babies causes your ovaries to explode, brace yourself for the following image. In a story introducing her daughter to the world in People magazine this week, Hayden Panettiere shared a new picture of her baby Kaya Evdokia. As you may have imagined, she still looks like an adorable little hairless newborn puppy.

In the issue of People, which hits newsstands Tuesday, Panettiere formally introduces baby Kaya, talks about new motherhood, and shares some mom selfies. Panettiere and her fiancé Wladimir Klitschko welcomed their baby girl on Dec. 9, and since then, they've been getting to know their little hybrid person. It goes without saying that motherhood is a crazy amount of work, but Panettiere seems to be conquering it with love and a sense of humor. "She's a great baby... as long as her bottomless pit of a stomach is fed," Panettiere quipped to People.

Just as we've done in the past, Panettiere and Klitschko have already started speculating about how tall their baby is gonna be. Given their 18-inch height difference, she'll either be super short, super tall, or somewhere in between. Panettiere said,

She's an amazing combination of both of us... I look at her and say, "Oh, she has my ears!" And he goes, "Oh, she better be tall because she's got my hands and feet."

Panettiere also shared a picture of herself with little Kaya curled up against her bosom. A few days ago, People.com released a professional picture of the Panettiere-Klitschko family with the new baby. This one, though, has a far more intimate feel.


Not like we would've predicted otherwise, but Panettiere is pretty damn adorable talking about her baby. I can't speak from personal experience, but it seems like the actress is enjoying the high of creating life and watching it flourish. Oh, children!!