Sofia's Ex Comments on Her Big News

This is one ex who isn't staying tight-lipped and is letting the world know how he feels. Sofia Vegara's ex-fiancé Nick Loeb has commented on her reported engagement to Joe Manganiello. Some probably think Loeb might be upset about the big news, but they'd be wrong. He's actually extremely happy for her! Exclusively reported by Us Weekly, Loeb revealed,

She is beautiful and majestic and therefore to be loved. Beyond all else in life she deserves happiness, the kind that only true love can bring.

Wow. Talk about surprising. He sure has a way with words. You have to give Loeb some credit for being so kind, gracious, and over the moon for his former flame.

For those living under a rock, on Monday news broke that Vergara and Manganiello are allegedly engaged. Yep, hearts broke and are continuing to shatter thanks to this news. The proposal has yet to be confirmed, but based on that GINORMOUS diamond Vergara is wearing it seems pretty legit.

Loeb and Vergara were together on and off since 2010, but soon after they called it quits the Modern Family actress found romance with the True Blood and Magic Mike hunk. *Sigh* If only we could all be so lucky.