Ian & Nikki Are One Fun Couple

The Smolderhalder wants you to know he had a fantastic year and one that included a lucky lady. On Tuesday, Ian Somerhalder shared a sweet 2014 memories video thanking everyone for an amazing year. This video just makes me love The Vampire Diaries star even more, and who's going to complain about watching Somerhalder in a fun video? Not me! Along with the short clip, he shared the following caption:

Thank you SO much everyone for an amazing #2014 it truly wouldn't be the same without you. Teamed up with Zoe to share these memories. #MADEWITHZOE#2014

Not only does this prove that Somerhalder is a genuinely happy, kind, and sweet soul (or so I assume based on past interviews and his uplifting posts on social media), but it also shows us that Somerhalder and his girlfriend Nikki Reed are one fun couple. As you can see in the video, Somerhalder and Reed love to go horseback riding and dress up for events. Like this video, they're constantly sharing photos of their fun adventures and amazing dates. From meeting former President Bill Clinton to going skiing to adopting pets, they are putting a lot of Hollywood couples to shame.

Don't believe me? Let's reflect on some of their past moments showing just how much fun they are, especially when together. If you weren't already jealous of Somerhalder and Reed's relationship, you will be.

Warning: lots of fun is ahead, so be prepared.

That Time They Went Skiing

That Time They Took a Selfie With Clinton

That Time They Visited an Animal Shelter

That Time They Chilled With Their Adopted Horse

That Time They Looked Like Models With Cute Pups

Who else wants to crash one of their dates with me?