Miley's BF Gave Her the Best Christmas Gift Ever

Sorry, Liam Hemsworth, but I've got some bad news... Miley Cyrus declared Patrick Schwarzenegger the best boyfriend ever. Or if we're being technical, I believe the actual title was "da best bf eva." That's because Schwarzenegger gave her the greatest Christmas gift in the history of Christmas gifts. Miley Cyrus got a pepperoni pizza onesie from her boyfriend! So who could blame her for gushing over the guy? They must've swapped gifts during their festive family weekend with the Schwarzeneggers, including Arnold.

Showing off her perfect present, Miley posted an Instagram wearing the fashionable food pajamas. Based on her previous posts which prove she's a big fan of pizza and onesies, he couldn't have picked a better gift! It's incredibly thoughtful, yet practical. Unlike flowers or teddy bears, it's not the least bit cheesy (despite literally resembling cheese).

While it may be pretty tough to top such a present, I've rounded up some ideas of future pizza gifts Schwarzenegger could give Cyrus. I mean, there are tons of holidays coming up — Valentine's Day, Groundhog's Day, or really any old day. You don't necessarily need a special occasion to give someone a gift, especially a gift as delicious and glorious as pizza.

Look at how great it is!

Now here are four pizza present ideas that I could pretty much guarantee Cyrus would love. (And if she doesn't, I'll gladly take them off her hands!)

Pizza Sleeping Bag

Could you imagine cuddling up in a warm, toasty pizza sleeping bag? I'm seriously contemplating buying one myself.

Pizza Necklace

This pizza slice necklace is so adorable I could eat it up! (Get it? Because it's pizza...) Anyway, it's perfect for any pepperoni lover.

Space Pizza Crop-Top

These are two things I know Miley loves: crop tops and pizza. I could see this becoming a regular part of her wardrobe.

Pizza Oven

Did you know you could buy an oven on Etsy? Nope, I didn't either. But you totally can! Patrick could give Miley her very own pizza oven. She'd never have to worry about pizza places being closed again!

Images: Bfiberandcraft, EvelynMaeCreations, UnicornKittyBow, DomeOvens/Etsy