Rita Ora in '50 Shades' Photo is Unrecognizable

So close, you can taste it. After the hype of the books, the drama of the casting, and the anticipation of the release, we — as a nation — are less than two months away from the release of 50 Shades of Grey in theaters. TWO MONTHS, you guys! And the closer we get to the release of the highly anticipated film, the more we learn about the movie and what we should expect. 50 Shades of Grey star, Rita Ora, who plays Mia — Christian Grey's outgoing and intelligent sister —, has recently shared a new photo of herself on Instagram in full Mia costume on Instagram for fans to enjoy.

The picture is very spicy. It pictures a what-appears-to-be nude Ora looking over her shoulder with her brother (...Yeah, it's kind of strange, but whatever) Christian in the background looking over Seattle. Ora looks almost unrecognizable with a super smokey eye and a sleek, sharp black bob, which is exactly how the book describes her. Ora, who usually has bright blonde hair — sometimes it's even pink — has completely transformed in this photo, and surely for the role.

Ora captioned the photo that she "liked" it, and that she can't wait for 2015. Us, too, Rita. Us, too...