Let the 'Parenthood' Finale Promo Make You Cry

This January is bringing a lot of TV death knells. Parks and Recreation's final season premieres Jan. 13, Glee's final season premieres Jan. 9, and Parenthood's final four episodes start airing Jan. 8. And you know what that means: Parenthood 's got a tear-jerker of a finale promo all lined up. And lo, did I cry.

This promo, via TVLine, appears to cover a lot of ground for Parenthood's final four episodes, and it's somewhat unclear what happens in which ep. What we do know is this: Amber's giving birth to her baby after a pregnancy that seems to have just flown by. Crosby and Adam are still dealing with problems with The Luncheonette, and this promo tells us that Adam wants to walk away from the business; this isn't the first time he's tried to make his exit from the Luncheonette, but something tells me this business is actually going under this time around.

On the Zeek front, the Braverman patriarch definitely seems headed for death's doorstep though it seems we'll be getting at least one more episode with him, if not more. In fact, the way they're teasing this goodbye makes it seem like he's not going to die until the very end — very different than the journey/portrait of grief I envisioned when creator Jason Katims teased the death prior to this season, but I'm curious nonetheless.

Overall, this farewell trailer reminds me very much of the one Katims' Friday Night Lights had before its farewell in 2011.

Here's Parenthood's:

And Friday Night Ligths':

Yep, crying a lot.

Now we just have to wait for the Parenthood tear-jerker one that recaps everything that's happened in the show so far, so that the tears of the past, present, and near future can combine for one big tear tornado just in time for the finale.

Image: NBC