Britney Spears Spoils Her Man with Horses

Britney Spears, as we all know, is a big superstar. So it seems only fitting that whenever there is an important celebration in her life, like a birthday, she would want to do it up as big as her star power. And of course, her boyfriend's 32nd birthday, which she just celebrated with him on Tuesday, is no exception. Britney Spears treated Charlie Ebersol to a luxurious horseback riding date for his big day, according to People. They rode together in an indoor equestrian barn, and posed for some cute photos dressed in sweaters and denim.

Spears also gave Ebersol a pretty impressive movie-themed cake, which included a director's clapboard, decorative popcorn, and a film reel of photos of the happy couple, who have been dating for just a couple of months. Even though their relationship is just getting started, it's clear that Spears wanted to do something extra special for Ebersol. And it makes sense. After all, Spears doesn't do anything halfway.

Though Spears is well known for cementing her status as pop royalty in the late '90s and early '00s, she has expanded her empire in recent months by stunning audiences in her ongoing Vegas show, Piece of Me, which was called a "non-stop hits bonanza" by Billboard, and by launching her own lingerie fashion line. And she has put that empire to good use for the special people in her personal life, for example by purchasing a multimillion-dollar L.A. mansion for her sons and her former fiancé Jason Trawick and, most recently, treating her two sons to amazing skateboards for Christmas this year — before the holiday even happened, with more gifts to surely follow.

Keeping all this in mind, it's great to know that Spears doesn't do anything halfway for her man either — and that she wants to be sure he has a special day.

And if the photo below that Spears posted to her Twitter account is any indication, it looks like this is the start to many more special days for the duo, looking ahead to 2015.

They look like they're having a good time riding together in the photo collage, so let's hope that Spears and Ebersol have a smooth ride together in the months ahead. After all, we wouldn't want them to miss out on any more fun dates like this, especially if a delicious cake like the one below is included at the end.