Benedict Cumberbatch Is Cooler Than We Imagined

Of course I knew Benedict Cumberbatch was cool and all — I mean, the fact that his engagement announcement took the form of a tiny little blurb in a London newspaper because that's how he would have done it if he "wasn't famous" — but honestly, I have to say: This kind of puts him on another level for me. According to a Reddit thread from user kialna, a fan cosplaying a genderswapped version of The Hobbit's Smaug had Benedict Cumberbatch sign the headpiece of the costume's (very impressively designed) tongue during the premiere of the film in London, because when you're dressed as Benedict Cumberbatch's Hobbit character and Benedict Cumberbatch is standing in front of you, what else are you going to do, really?

And, since he's Benedict Cumberbatch, he, of course, signed it with pleasure.

The user included several photos of the costume's design in progress, along with a close-up photo of the actual autograph, as well as a press shot of Cumberbatch signing the tongue on the red carpet. While it's probably the oddest place I've ever heard of a fan asking their favorite celebrity to autograph, it is still fairly awesome — and hey, that headpiece probably just gained, like, $1,000,000 in value from the signature alone. Boom.

The costume's construction itself is hugely intricate as well, and, considering it cost a reported 2,000 euros to put together, kialna definitely deserves props. (Though, honestly, I'm sure props pale in comparison to knowing your costume is Cumberbatch-approved.)