You Can Now See 'The Interview' in More Theaters

After the influx of majorly bad press that Sony Pictures Entertainment received as a result of a major security breach thought to be committed by hackers affiliated with North Korea, a little good news for the film studio is surely welcome — and, luckily for them, there is a bit. According to Variety, the film that was actually at the center of the hacking scandal, The Interview, has done so well in its limited release that Sony has decided to expand The Interview 's streaming and theatrical availability.

Considering the fact that revenue Sony managed to collect from The Interview's streaming release over the Christmas holidays totaled a whopping $15 million — making it the number one streaming release of all time — this expanded theatrical and streaming run is definitely no surprise. According to Variety, in addition to Google Play, YouTube, Microsoft's Xbox Video, and Apple, The Interview will now be available to stream through many more providers:

The providers that will offer “The Interview” include Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox and Bright House Networks (affiliates of InDemand); DirecTV; Verizon FiOS TV; Charter Communications, Cablevision and AT&T U-verse TV (affiliates of Vubiquity).

In addition, the comedy will be available via Vudu, Walmart’s digital VOD service, and via Sony’s PlayStation Network starting Jan. 1.

Additionally, Sony will be expanding the amount of independent theaters showing The Interview, from 331 (which opened the film on Christmas day) to about 580, beginning Jan. 2.

Sure, it's not a massive, wide release by any means, but considering that just earlier this month the film went from no release at all to this, it's a big step — and, hopefully, one that will lead to more good news for Sony in the future.

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