Richard Gilmore's Best Quotes

On Wednesday, the entertainment world got some very sad news. Actor Edward Herrmann died at 71 years old after battling brain cancer. He was a talented man, who will always be remembered for his vast roles and impressive skills. However, there was one particular show that garnered him many fans. That show was the beloved Gilmore Girls . On the series starring Lauren Graham (Lorelai Gilmore) and Alexis Bledel (Rory Gilmore), Herrmann portrayed Richard Gilmore, Lorelai's father and Rory's grandfather.

Richard Gilmore wasn't an easy man to get along with, but there was no doubt that he loved his wife, Emily (Kelly Bishop), his daughter, his granddaughter, and his mother, Trix. Whether he was working (another thing he loved and was very good at), sharing books with Rory, arguing with Lorelai (the show wouldn't be the same without it), or renewing his vows with his wife, Richard was a huge part of the show that so many fans still can't get enough of today.

With that said, we at Bustle thought we should honor Herrmann by sharing some of his best quotes as Richard Gilmore. As Gilmore Girls fans know, the show was all about talking and doing it fast. It has some of the best quotes throughout TV history, and here are a few we will never forget Richard sharing. Thank you, Herrmann, for bringing this character to life.

1. "She's having sex, Lorelai. She's having sex under my roof. I paid $40,000 to redecorate her sex house. I bought her a sex mattress. Her sex box springs. I provided everything she needs to waste her life."

Way to go, Rory.

2. "Fundraisers and tea parties? It's frivolous and meaningless. She has more to do, more to be! I don't want that life for her!"

You tell her ("her" meaning Emily), Richard!

3. "How tall are you?"

Yes, Dean, please tell us.

4. "Only prostitutes have two glasses of wine at lunch!"

5. "I have a lot to do in a day, Lorelai. I don't have time to keep up with the multitudes of people that your mother employs."

Classic Emily.

6. "Oh, don't be a martyr, Lorelai. And don't be naive. Do you think I love the boy who got my daughter pregnant? I wanted to kill him. I would have, too, with my bare hands! But there was a proper procedure to be followed in a situation like this."

7. "Do you really think he was wearing a track suit? Well, I wonder if he was wearing Nikes also."

8. "Why did my daughter just call you 'naked guy'?"

Marty, put some clothes on.

9. "Cranking Metallica. If that's some sort of drug reference, it isn't funny."

Yep, Richard had a way with words.

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