25 Books Every Animal-Lover Should Read, Because Who Can Resist Adorable Pals In The Pages?

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Are you the kind of person who's watched grumpy cat's rise to fame with hope and expectation? Do you stop as often to listen to the songbirds as you do to smell the roses? And does your faithful hound currently sport a warmer winter jacket than you do? If this sounds familiar, then your TBR pile is about to get a whole lot bigger: These 25 books bring the best stories from the animal kingdom right to you.

From legendary YA masterpieces, to novels of depth and high drama, these literary knockouts have exactly what you love: animals. Gather up your feline friend, or scootch that dog bed a wee bit closer, and settle in for a cozy read with some of literature's greatest animal stories.

Image: Flickr / blogdnd

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