4 Reasons Noah Will Survive 'The Walking Dead'

It was a pleasant surprise when The Walking Dead debuted Everybody Hates Chris star Tyler James Williams as Noah, but many fans are still pretty skeptical about whether he'll survive the series that loves to kill off main characters. Still, I don't think Noah will die on The Walking Dead Season 5 — my money is definitely on him making it to Season 6. For one thing, the hospital escapee isn't actually included in the original Walking Dead comics. Generally, a mysterious, random character like that would have been killed off several episodes ago — and certainly long before Beth Greene. But heading into the heart of the fifth season's highly anticipated second half, the injured teenager is still going strong and outliving some of the series' most beloved characters.

According to the promo for Episode 10, "Them," the group is running low on food, water, stamina, and willpower, so it's impossible to tell who will make it to their next destination, but Noah certainly deserves to. Fans should know by now that Noah can be trusted. He got Rick and the others inside the hospital — even though it cost Beth her life — and truly tried to save Tyreese. Noah is a bright and all-around good guy, and here's why he'll survive Season 5.

He Didn't Think Twice About Stabbing His Brother

Noah seemed a little lost at first — giving into Officer Dawn's evil ways, whining about his leg, and basically giving up the minute he saw his Virginia hometown in ruins. But he came back to life when he realized the extent of his reality. The only family he had left was either among the dead or the undead and his once-safe-zoned community was massacred, presumably by other humans. When it came down to it, the only choice he had was to step up and save Tyreese.

Beth's Final Wish Was To See Noah To Safety

When Rick and the others agreed to escort Noah home in hope of refuge, they knew it would be gone. But Beth had promised her escape buddy that she would get him home and I have no doubt Rick will do his best to honor that. Getting him back to his Virginia residence wasn't enough. Rick and the others will take Noah in as one of their own, just as Beth would have wanted. And we know our group will do anything to keep each other alive — Noah will find a new home with them.

We've Already Passed Where Noah Cruz Dies In The Video Game

While we don't know if this Noah is supposed to be the same one that Daryl meets in The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct video game, it can't hurt to know that Williams' character made it past the point where the digital Noah dies.

Tyreese Convinced Him To Survive

If you think about it, The Walking Dead essentially dedicated an entire episode to Tyreese's initiative to mentor Noah. Between his lecture in the car, the second one in the street, and his accompanying Noah to his childhood home, Tyreese clearly made a big impact on the group's distraught newcomer, and I don't think Noah will forget it anytime soon.

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