Make It Rain With The New 'Sexy' $100 Bill

Tomorrow, it really will be all about the benjamins: After much delay, America will finally be getting a new $100 bill. The preferred currency of Kanye, drug dealers, and generous grandparents everywhere will be introduced Tuesday — only two and a half years behind schedule.

Two major changes will appear in these "sexy" new bills (CNN's adjective, not ours). The first is a blue strip that will feature 'moving' images when the bill is held at different angles; thus making the action of making it rain even more colorful. There will also now be a picture of a holographic Liberty Bell chilling inside a copper inkwell. One of the '100s' featured in the corners is also now holographically bright orange, presumably to match the inkwell beside it and foil color-blind criminals. Last but not least, Ben will no longer be framed by his dark halo, and will be cut free of his boundaries. He will, however, still be bald.

Ben's facelift is the last one in the "New Color of Money" series the U.S. rolled out in 2003 as a way to stay ahead of counterfeiters/keep up with Europe's pretty money (even though our attempt at color kind of looked like a bunch of Rive Gauche types were given a watercolor set after three glasses of absinthe). This most recent update was apparently delayed because the new security add-ons made the bills crease in the printing process, which left super-obvious blank lines in the design.

And for those who wonder how on earth America can get new hundred-dollar bills when, um, our government is shutdown it's because the Fed's budget isn't included in the spending standoff.

Another fun fact: apparently the $100 bill is the second-most common bill in circulation besides the $1 bill (coming in slightly behind the $20, and making you even more broke than you thought you were). So it looks like we'll be seeing a lot of the new bill — especially outside of the country, where half to two-thirds of Benjamins wind up, through no shadiness at all.

Lord/Scott Disick apparently has the rest.

Peasants, all of us.